Press Kit

The Oscillators are a unique group that throws a mix of genres and styles together, creating something unlike what you hear everyday. Formed in 2013, the band began by playing covers that they put through an Oscillators transformation, giving each it’s own fun and contagious spin.

Recently, The Oscillators have been working to expand their repertoire of original compositions. They incorporate both traditional acoustic and contemporary instruments to create an eclectic blend with an abundance of harmony, raw beatboxing, and rapping.

Finally, the group has a BLAST making music for people – they love what they do, they love who they play for, and they love each other. Every Oscillators show guarantees a family friendly, yet boundary-pushing musical treat that is bound to leave you energized! Even the people at Love Inc. have oh-so affectionately bestowed a slogan upon them:

Their harmonies will melt your face…and their beats will tear it off!
**Rhode photo session credit to Shannon Savaglio Photography & Remy.Lou Photography
**Photo #11 credit to EV Photography

Something New
City Slacker
LIVE Cover - Send Me On My Way