Melissa Hardtke

Vocals, Viola, Piano, Occasional Percussion

Melissa Hardtke was born and (mostly) raised in Racine, Wisconsin. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from UW-Parkside. When Melissa was 9 years old, she desperately wanted to play the violin – instead, her parents bought her a $50 viola for which she began lessons. She grew to love the instrument and continued to play in orchestras and chamber ensembles through college. Melissa grew up singing on various worship teams and vocal ensembles in church and school, which gave her opportunities to travel around the world for ministry and performance. Raised in a home of musicians, Melissa was quizzed at an early age on Classical composers and various musicians through the ages. In her free time, she works on learning the guitar and expanding her repertoire of original music.

**Photo credit to Shannon Savaglio Photography & Remy.Lou Photography