Jayna Rouse

Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, and Occasional Percussion, Piano, and Saxophone

Jayna Rouse grew up in Peshtigo, WI and moved to Kenosha, WI to attend college at UW-Parkside. While at college, she majored in graphic design and played music on the side, active in jazz and also playing contemporary covers/praise and worship music with fellow music students. When she was very young, Jayna’s mom would sing with her and teach her how to harmonize, which is her most favorite part of singing. She has taught herself every instrument she can play, except the alto saxophone which is how she learned to read music. Jayna is a core member of The Oscillators and also enjoys collaborating and playing different types of music with other artists around the U.S.

**Photo credit to Shannon Savaglio Photography & Remy.Lou Photography